Week 7- Just Can’t Get Enough


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

This was a heck of a week! These cookies on top of homecoming and the most fun football game I’ve experienced in four years. It just couldn’t get better. Last week restarted our streak of amazing cookies and we’re all here for it. So let’s get into it. Grab yourself a box and share with friends, or don’t, it’s bulking season.

Starting off in fourth, Peanut Butter Creme Ft. Nutter Butter (second from left). This was a nutter butter cookie with a nutter butter peanut buttercream. Peanut butter is great and I love it, this cookie not so much. The cookie itself was fine but the buttercream took down the whole cookie all the way to fourth. I love nutter butters and that was just not good. So this cookie gets a short lived review because we all hated it so let’s move on to the good ones!

Now for third, Raspberry Butter Cake (far left). This was a butter cake cookie with raspberry flavor, smothered in a butter glaze, a creamy white buttercream, and a home-made raspberry jam. This was a new cookie for Crumbl and it was great. Everybody loved a good raspberry jam. They absolutely killed this cookie. Who knows what butter cake even is? Not me! But whatever it is these kinds of cookies are great and I absolutely recommend them.

In second, Lemon Glaze (second from right). This was a lemon cookie, with lemon glaze, topped with a fresh lemon slice. I love lemons but I never go for the lemon baked goods, usually they’re just not my thing. This cookie though, I one hundred percent recommend this cookie to every person. It was a perfect lemon cookie and everybody loved it because they just got everything right with this one. Some may say lemon cookies don’t belong in the fall season, but with this cookie I gotta disagree.

Finally, in first, CARAMEL PUMPKIN (far right)! This was a rich pumpkin cookie, smooth caramel cream cheese frosting, and a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice. From the first bite I knew this was our first place cookie. I love pumpkin pie. I don’t normally love other pumpkin baked goods. This cookie tasted just like pumpkin pie. This was another one of those cookies that I just completely devoured, and that’s hard to do with a Crumbl cookie. I recommend this cookie, even to those who don’t pick pumpkin as one of their favorites. You have absolutely got to try this cookie!

That’s all for last week and I hope you loved it because I know I did. I have a new found love for pumpkin and lemon and a new found dislike for peanut butter. We hoped you loved these cookies too because they absolutely made our week! Don’t forget to continue to toon in… or else! Just jokes… maybe.