The People Want Crumbl


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

Good Morning ya’ll. Maybe not a good morning driving to school on that ice :/. It’s been a while but we meet again. I know you missed me and your favorite story. Let’s make this short and sweet, we just want to hear about the cookies. Go get yourself a box and share with friends, or don’t, maybe you had a lonely Valentines Day.

Let’s get it going in fourth, Sugar Ft Mother’s Circus Animal (far right). This was a rainbow sprinkles cookie, smothered with a puddle of melty white chips, and topped with Mother’s original circus animal cookie and a splash of rainbow sprinkles. We’ve seen this cookie before. No it’s not bad but it’s not top tear. I would enjoy this cookie as a basic but it’s no competitor. It’s cute but it’s a sugar cookie! Let’s get more creative Crumbl!

In third, Kentucky Butter Cake (second from left). This was a yellow butter cake cookie smothered with buttery glaze. Of course it’s placed low, it’s related to Kentucky! The most I know about Kentucky is that Mr. Yunt is from there and that’s enough to just ruin the whole state. I still don’t know what a butter cake is but these types of cookies are dang good. The only issue I have is it could’ve been a lot more interesting. Add some frosting, some shape, some excitement. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe they were trying to really embody the Kentucky.

Now, for second, Chocolate Cake (second from right). This was a rich chocolate cookie topped with smooth chocolate fudge frosting and shaved chocolate curls. I love me some chocolate, especially chocolate cake. This was Mr. Yunt’s worst nightmare and I loved it. It was cakey, chocolatey, delicious, everything a chocolate cake cookie needs to embody. The chocolate was perfect and I wish I could’ve given it a first place seat. But competition is competition and although it was a good one, it didn’t fight hard enough. Than you next!

Finally, in first, Peanut Butter Banana (far left). This was chunky oatmeal cookie smothered with banana frosting, peanut butter drizzle, and a banana chip. This was a new cookie and a dang good one! Crumbl know the people love their peanut butter and banana! Why it took so long for this cookie to come out is beyond me! The perfect amount of everything went into this cookie. A cookie enjoyable to all ages. We got the oatmeal for the oldies, the bananas for the babies, and the peanut butter for all our inbetweens. If you missed this cookie than I feel bad. I would happily and gladly eat this cookie again and again!

Well that raps up another great review. I’d say we have some great ones and some mediocre ones. I’m not mad about it, it’s better than bad cookies. All I can say is it’s girl scout cookie season! Girl scout cookies are elite and classic. Shall we bring out a girl scout cookie review instead, Maybe, maybe not. Let’s see what’s in store for us next week!