2020-2021 Staff

Chinwe Onwere


Hello everyone! I’m Chinwe, a current junior. I’m a part of the newspaper team, and one of the reasons that I joined is because I love to write. I believe that writing not only allows you to be creative and free your thoughts...

Ansley Schnelle


Hey there, I’m Ansley! It is my first year contributing to the LampPost and I couldn’t be more excited. I love learning about people and writing about their compelling experiences and diverse opinions. Writing has always be...

Sierra Sisneros

Staff Writer

Hi there! I am Sierra Sisneros and I am currently a senior at Holy Family. I joined the newspaper family because I took journalism my sophomore year with Mr. Yunt it was one of the best classes. Another reason I joined newspaper...

Maddie (from Ohio) Rutherford

Staff Writer/Editor

Hey! I’m Maddie (from Ohio) and I am a senior here at Holy Family. I joined our newspaper at the beginning of my sophomore year because I have a passion for writing and storytelling. Though I was unable to be a part of the ...

Mia Paulson

Staff Writer/Editor

Hey ya’ll! My name is Mia Paulson and I am so excited to be a part of the LampPost team! I joined the school newspaper here at HF because I love writing! I have even written and published my own novel! This is my first year wr...

Ally Merrion

Staff Writer/Editor

Hi friends! I am super happy to be back in school and writing for LampPost to keep you all up to date on the crazy things happening around the school and in the world. This is my second year writing for HF and it’s something I l...

Rachel “ChaCha” McGoff

Staff Writer

Hi my name is Rachel but I am more commonly known as ChaCha. I am currently a senior this year. This is my first year of newspaper. I love writing and can’t wait to get reporting.

Griffin Keener

Staff Writer

I am a lacrosse player, skier, and future CU Buff. I joined newspaper because I am a good writer, and wanted to shed light on the stories of Holy Family. I also joined the paper because Mr. Jon Yunt is a cool guy.

Trevin Johnson

Staff Writer

I wanted to join Newspaper because Mr. Yunt is a really cool teacher. Additionally I believe that it will be fun to report on things going on in school and out.

Juan Corral

Staff Writer

The reason I joined is that I enjoy typing/writing stories and I knew that in journalism, you do that alot, but never was able to do journalism class in my old school, so I think this may be a replacement for it.  I hope to...

Julia Contreras

Staff Writer

Writing is a spectrum, there's no right or wrong answers, and there are endless possibilities. When I write, I learn new things about everything. Whether it's a person, a subject, a wild topic, everything is new and exciting ...

Elizabeth Cheadle

Staff Writer

Hi! I'm Elizabeth Cheadle and I am currently a senior at Holy Family. I joined newspaper because I knew with Mr. Yunt as my teacher it would be a great class. I also like to write and know I will have a good time contributing t...

Jackson Bocis

Staff Writer

I choose to go into Newspaper because I like to write and I like to share my opinion. I am considering going to college for Journalism so I'm seeing if I would actually enjoy this type of activity.