Carrots and Cookies


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

Good morning and welcome back to your favorite story! I hope you had the best long weekend. It’s officially one month till the seniors last day of school! Anyways let’s get into these cookies because personally I thought they were pretty good. Get yourself a box, share it with a friend, or don’t, become a floatie this summer.

Let’s kick it off in fourth, Lemon Bar (far right). This was a zesty lemon cookie smothered with lemon bar topping and a dash of powdered sugar. I didn’t think this cookie was bad, I just don’t think it was giving as much as the others. I personally am not big on the lemon cookies but I did watch Mr. Yunt devour this one. I still recommend it, the reason for its fourth place title is not because of it but because of the competition.

Moving on to third, Iced Oatmeal (far left). This was a cinnamon oatmeal cookie smothered with a vanilla cream cheese glaze. Our classic old man cookie is above the lemon? Yes, because although old, this cookie is pretty dang good. Don’t judge this cookie by its main supporters because it’s dang good. Of course it comes across as boring but you can’t mess up a classic cookie. Do I think Crumbl is playing it a bit safe with this one, a little. Do I blame them, no this was a dang good cookie.

Now, in second, Double Fudge Brownie (second from left). This was a thick brownie cookie topped with flossy chocolate glaze and fresh baked brownie batter. This cookie is not for the weak (Mr. Yunt). This cookie is for my chocolate lovers, people that know what’s good in life. It was rich and had all the chocolate going on. I usually don’t go for the chocolate on chocolate cookies but this cookie was dang good. Another safe play but a good choice and we loved it!

Finally, in first, Carrot Cake (second from right). This was a spiced carrot cake with rich cream cheese frosting and pecan garnish. Whatever you put that cream cheese frosting on, we’re gonna love it. I think it was the perfect amount of good without having too much carrot. I would most definitely eat this cookie again and again. Usually I’m not the biggest carrot fan, and I don’t think Mr. Yunt is either (we both wear glasses), but I was a huge fan of this cookie.

Do I think Crumbl plays things incredibly safe sometimes, yes, but sometimes they need to recover from their bad weeks. No matter what we can always count on a chocolate, a lemon, and a cream cheese frosting every week. I would be lying if I said I don’t get bored of it. Please Crumbl, get risky with your choices, we’re tired of the safe play, let’s get something good and fresh and new. Anyways that’s all for this week, enjoy the rest of it and don’t forget to tune in next week .