It’s Raining Cookies


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

Good morning Holy Family and welcome back to your favorite story of the week! I’ve personally been doing great with all this summer weather. I think I speak for everyone when I say we are tired of the freezing cold, windy days. It’s finally time to get some rays so crack out your sunscreen and get golden! Another thing to brighten up your week is these cookies. Go get a box, share with friends, or don’t, you’re helping with their summer body.

Alright, as always we gotta start with fourth, Chocolate Peanut Butter Ft Oreo (far right). This was a chocolate cookie with Oreo pieces and peanut butter pieces, topped with peanut butter Mousse. This was a new cookie!… and they can go ahead and put it back where they found it. Let’s state the obvious, it doesn’t even look good. Well this time around you need to judge a book by its cover because this was just not good. I’m tired of the Oreo, I’m tired of the peanut butter. Can we move on? The people are unhappy Crumbl.

Let’s get into the good ones with third, Strawberry Cheesecake (second from right). This was a chilled graham cracker cookie, vanilla cream cheese frosting, and strawberry jam. This was a new cookie! I know what you’re thinking, another new cookie placed at the bottom? Yes, it was not the cookies fault, the competition was just good. Everyone knows we love the cheesecake cookies and that remains true after this cookie. Yes, it’s a safe cookie because you can’t go wrong with cheesecake but who cares, give us what’s good.

Now, for second, Cinnamon Roll (far left). This was a soft and thick cookie covered with cinnamon brown sugar and a swirl of cream cheese frosting. I personally love me a cinnamon roll. I’d take Cinnabon any day of the week because it’s that good. Anyways, this cookie was amazing and we got our favorite cream cheese in there too. I would eat this cookie any day of the week and you should too. This could easily make it to first in any other lineup but this week it was challenged. Hopefully you tried this one because if not you should have lifelong regret.

Finally, in first, Cookie Butter Lava Ft Biscoff (second from left). This was melty cookie stuffed with Biscoff cookie butter, drizzled with Biscoff butter spread and garnished with cookie pieces. What is Biscoff and what is cookie butter? Who knows, I totally thought I was eating chocolate! Who cares though because this cookie was dang good. Of course Mr. Yunt judged the book by its cover and thought this cookie was gonna be gross and of course he was wrong. This cookie warm is a whole other level. This is the second time this school year we’ve seen this cookie and the first time we’ve tried it. The first time it was sold out and I can see why.

Well that wraps up another great week of Crumbl. We saw some mediocre diversity in the cookies this week and hopefully we get even better next week. As always, don’t forget to tune in next week for your favorite story!