February Already!?


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

Good morning Tigers. We’re back for your favorite story of the week… THE CRUMBLE REVIEW. I know you missed me because it’s been a week but we finally got back into the groove. Let’s get started we have some cookies to review! Hopefully you got a box and shared with your friends, or didn’t, it’s the month of love!

Let’s get it going with fourth, Lemon Cupcake (second from right). This was a lemony vanilla cookie topped with a swirl of velvety lemon frosting and a touch of white sprinkles. I know what you’re thinking, another lemon cookie! Me too because why. I’m looking for something new, fresh, and fun. That’s not what Crumbl has been giving us. I don’t mind as long as the cookies are good but this one was not. Too much frosting, too much lemon, why even put cupcake in the name. Just a fluffy lemon cookie, not a cupcake let’s get that straight. Don’t waste your money on this cookie.

In third we got, Classic Peanut Butter (far left). This was an iconic cookie bursting with peanut butter flavor and decorated with a vintage cross hatch pattern. Nothing about this was iconic, that was a straight up lie. We’ve seen peanut butter become a staple in our every week lineup. Don’t be fooled, it’s the same cookie with a different name. Do not waste your money on these peanut butter cookies. They’re boring, just a little less than lemon. Thank you next Crumbl.

Now, for second, Caramel Cake (far right). This was a fluffy caramel sugar cookie covered with a sweet and smooth caramel glaze. I’m not one for caramel. How you pronounce caramel is how i judge your character. But this cookie was good. I didn’t go into it with high hopes after the last two, but this was a good cookie. We don’t usually get caramel cookies but I think Crumbl was bold with this one. Caramel on caramel is only for the brave and they absolutely slayed this cookie. I recommend!

Finally, in first, French Silk Pie (second from left). This was a rich chocolate pie cookie topped with silky mousse, light whipped cream, and delectable chocolate curls. Does this look familiar to you. I bet it does because this was a first place winner for us at the beginning of the year. We love and adore this cookie, except Mr. Yunt but he doesn’t count. Everybody needs to try this cookie. If you didn’t get it the last time when you had your second shot, you’re a slacker! We absolutely devoured this cookie and I would do it again!

Well I’m sorry. I know that Crumbl got so incredibly lazy last week. That made the week bad. I mean when a cookie gets two first place wins without any competition at all. What are we doing Crumbl. Do better! Tune in next week to find out if they get their ish together. If not, we might have to cut those expensive pink boxes off. See you next week!