The Last Story


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

Do I have another Crumbl review? No I definitely don’t because as the year went on, my bank account got more empty. My favorite cookie of the year goes to banana cream pie. I did enjoy every pie cookie that came into this place and I’ll still be visiting Crumbl to enjoy some. My least favorite cookie was cotton candy, who made this a cookie even? Of course my favorite part of every story was roasting Mr. Yunt, I wouldn’t call it a Crumbl review without that key factor.

The end of my year consisted of too much McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Dutch. My favorite Dutch sticker was this hot sauce one! My new favorite McDonald’s order has become a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit with a large iced vanilla coffee. My favorite Dutch drink is the high dive rebel! And of course my favorite Starbucks drink is a pink drink! I think I’ve gained a whole semesters worth of tardies but I was honestly saving the teachers from my morning wrath by being well fed. šŸ™‚

I’ve known Mr. Yunt since my freshman journalism days. I met my best friend Greta that year and figured out I can write a damn good story. Although he’s only been my teacher for two years, he’ll always be my favorite teacher. I know a lot of people probably think I say that because his classes are easy A’s and relaxed and you can do what you want. For me it’s because I get to make fun of his bald head, I get to say whatever I want to Angelo, and most importantly I’m allowed to be exactly who I am in his class. We’ve been a colorful collection of students for Mr. Yunt but he has always supported all of the dumb, funny, and annoying things we say one way or another. A teacher that bullies you back will always be a good teacher.

Of course I really hope someone continues to bully Mr. Yunt, his head is already big enough (literally). I hope who takes over the Crumbl review is someone as pretty, charismatic, energetic, funny, and smart as me. Future Crumbl review writer, please be late to school every day, please bully Mr. Yunt, please say whatever you want, and please make sure he doesn’t get a swear jar. Have the absolute best time of your life in this class because that’s what its for. Maybe be a little bit better than me and turn in your stories on time tho šŸ˜‰ Goodbye party people, until next time!