Crumbl: Lineup From Heaven


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

Good morning holy family! It’s that time of the week and almost a new month! Who’s excited for March because I know I’m not 😀 Another month of cold, snowy days. At least we got the cookies to look forward to and our amazing basketball teams never fail to brighten up the week. Enough of this, let’s give the people what they want. Go get yourself a box and share with friends, or don’t, it’s time to work on that summer bod tho!

Let’s get it going in fourth, Birthday Cake (second from left). This was a fluffy cake batter cookie with vanilla cream cheese frosting and a splash of rainbow sprinkles. This cookie had some amazing frosting, you can never go wrong with cream cheese! Although I enjoyed this cookie, it was still a glorified sugar cookie. If you popped a candle on it though it would be a great last minute gift! I enjoyed this cookie but I need it to come with a little more competition to really wow me away.

Getting into third, Neapolitan (far left). This was a rich chocolate and smooth vanilla combination cookie beautifully stacked and topped with tart strawberry frosting. This was a new cookie! Another great frosting for this week. I love and adore anything strawberry from Crumbl and I really need them to hit me with more because they never fail. I think it actually tasted like ice cream and was a something really fun and new to add into the Crumbl library. I totally recommend this cookie and it could probably be in first on an easier lineup.

Now for second, Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip (second from right). This was a lip-smacking chocolate cookie packed with melty Reese’s peanut butter chips. You already know this was a good cookie when Mr. Yunt liked it and it was full on chocolate. I mean what more do I have to say, that speaks for itself! While it was warm it was rich, creamy, smooth, and everything great that you could think of. I would’ve loved to put this cookie in first but the competition was so tough. Please don’t come for me for the decision to put this in second! You’ll understand once we get to the first place cookie, let’s see what it is…

Last, but not least, in first, Vanilla Glaze Ft. Cinnamon Toast Crunch (far right). This was a cinnamon sugar cookie topped with a vanilla cream cheese glaze, crushed Cinnamon Toast Crunch pieces, and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. Oh my was this an amazing cookie. I’m already a Cinnamon Toast Crunch girl through and through. Who doesn’t like it! When this cookie is warm and fresh, it is amazingggg!!!! If you missed this cookie, you missed one in my top lineup pick. Usually I’m not into the cereal cookies and donuts but this was dang good. The cinnamon, the cereal, the cream cheese frosting! A truly amazing cookie indeed.

Well that raps up a beautiful lineup. I feel like we haven’t had a lineup that good in a very long time. I hope you enjoyed last week just as much as I did. As always don’t forget to tune in next week for your fav story. Goodbye February XOXO!