Your Weekly CRUMBL Review!!!


Madison Forss, Staff Writer

Another week, another pink box full of delicious cookies!! Since it’s Monday, a Crmbl review is only appropriate.

This week there Pumpkin Roll, Sugar ft. Mother’s® Halloween Circus Animal™, Sugar (Pumpkin Candy), and Monster. These cookies were all perfect for not only fall, but also Halloween. Each one had its one spooky-season twist that made it delicious.

The best one this week was Pumpkin Roll. It looked about as fall as you could make a cookie. It was a nice, fluffy, pumpkin cookie that had all of the right flavors. The layer of cinnamon and swirl of cream cheese frosting made every bite delicious. Not only did it look like fall, it tasted like it as well. This simple cookie embodies everything that makes a great desert. It rightfully earned the #1 place.

In second place is their Sugar ft. Mother’s® Halloween Circus Animal™. This cookie not only excites every taste bud, it also makes you feel nostalgic. These Circus Animal snacks are a staple in not only my childhood, but many other teenagers’ as well. Incorporating a fun treat like the Circus Animal into a delicious chilled cookie was genius of Crumbl. The frosting was accurate to the Circus Animal’s frosting coat, and the cookie itself was nice and soft. The sprinkles on top really added to the Halloween vibe Crumbl delivered this week. Overall, this cookie was easily a first place runner-up.

Crumbl’s Sugar (Pumpkin Candy) was a simple yet tasty treat. Their usual sugar cookie is served chilled, a classic in the Crumbl lineup. With Halloween right around the corner, they changed the pink frosting to white and added a class-Halloween pumpkin candy. Although this cookie was delicious, it was a little too boring to place any higher than third.

Unfortunately, in last place is their Monster cookie. An oatmeal cookie with peanut butter and chocolate M&M’s may be appealing to some; however, it was my least favorite. Not that it didn’t have the components of a great cookie- soft, warm, flavorful- it had too many things going on. I am personally not a big fan of oatmeal cookies, let alone oatmeal cookies with peanut butter in them. Not to say it was a bad cookie, but this one is sitting at the bottom of this week’s ranking.

Overall, Crumbl came up with some fun Halloween cookies that tasted great and looked good too. They hit different flavor palettes well and presented fun cookies. Stay tuned for next weeks flavors and in the meantime, treat yourself to a box of this week’s flavors!!!