No Matter How you Slice It: Dominoes is still the best

No Matter How you Slice It: Dominoes is still the best

Angelo ODorisio, Staff Writer

We as Americans love pizza there is no doubt about that, in fact a survey by Martha Stewart says that 94 percent have eaten pizza within the past month of taking the survey. Additionally, almost 72 percent say they love pizza so much they could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The only problem is that there are so many pizza places to choose from.

The first pizza place we thought of was Dominos. Dominos with their fast and cheap delivery along with great pizza flavors like the Buffalo Chicken Pizza makes them a strong contender in the Newspaper room.

Next we have Little Caesars. Known for their items always being hot and ready and their delicious upgraded classic that adds 80% more pepperoni and 25% more cheese. Their delicious choices make them a personal favorite… that and they are only $5.

Third we have Pizza Hut with their slogan being “No one out pizzas the Hut”. Known for having other delicious items such as their alfredo pasta and marinara lasagna, in a contest solely about pizza they might struggle.

Lastly we have Papa John’s  whose been known to have some of the highest quality and selection of topping out of the other pizza restaurants in this discussion.

You have Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, Dominos, and Papa Johns as the leaders in location around the country so these were the ones we as a newspaper room voted on.

And after the vote it was pretty clear which out of the four is the most liked. And just to clarify this is about pizza only, not the breadsticks or wings, just the pizza.

So after the vote was tallied it was Dominos pizza with 80% of the vote with Little Caesars and Papa Johns tied with 10% each. Which does not follow the national survey where 40% preferred dominos, but what do you think your favorite pizza place is?