How to Maximize Your Spring Break

How to Maximize Your Spring Break

With Spring Break starting today, I thought it would be a good idea to give my advice on how to spend your time. Me personally, I don’t have the funds to plan a last-minute trip, and I doubt you do either. I can’t just hop on a plane to the Bahamas and hang by the for a week, so here’s some ideas for if you’re stuck at home like me. I don’t like just sitting around all day – I like getting outside and enjoying the nice weather while I can. Now, enough of that business – here’s a few recommendations on how I’d optimize and really enjoy my time while we’re not in school.

As a big skier myself, I’d recommend hitting the slopes for a few days. This time of year is optimal for spring skiing conditions (sometimes you don’t even need to wear a coat or ski pants), and it’s super fun being outside in the snow and sun. Although prices might go up this time of year because of spring break, I’d say it’s definitely worth going out to try something new in really great scenery. Skiing is a skill that you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life, so it’ll be a great skill to learn. Even if you can’t get into the mountains to ski, I’d recommend trying to find a nice place to hike or fish. I’m a big believer in just going to hang out outside, so honestly you can’t go wrong with going to get some exercise in some really nice weather. Even if you aren’t going outside, I think going to the gym to lift weights is super fun, and it’s also really fun to play pickup basketball with people I meet there.

If the outdoors and exercise aren’t for you, don’t worry, I got you covered. I’d recommend picking up a new hobby in the kitchen. I’ve recently gotten into making different stir-fry dishes as well as sourdough bread. Even though cooking and preparing food is kind of hard, with practice and effort you can become an elite five-star chef. I’d also recommend going to see some movies in the theater. I recently watched the 2021 film Dune: Part One for the first time a few weeks ago, and I have to say, I was really impressed with it and enjoyed watching the whole thing. I’ve heard the recent release Dune: Part Two is really well done, but if you’re not into sci-fi type movies I’d recommend you see Kung Fu Panda 4. This masterpiece really built onto an-already solid franchise, and it was also a really fun watch. Even if movies aren’t your thing, it would be really fun to just try something new with friends.

To close, I can’t tell you exactly what to do with your time. I can give my best suggestions and tell you what I like to do, but in the end, you’re the best judge of what you want to do over break. My last piece of advice is to stay active or you’ll feel like you’ve wasted a week of your life.

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