Senior Finals?

Senior Finals?

I hate tests.

I understand the logistics of why schools implement them. However, as soon as I circle the final answer, I have forgotten everything I studied for prior. Now, I am expected to know everything I learned since the start of this semester? I can hardly remember what I did in my last math class… I also don’t know where all my old notes have gone! The trash, most likely. Nonetheless, how am I supposed to study everything when all I’m wanting is to be out of school and into college?

For the past two years, the seniors have not had finals. All they had to worry about was when graduation finally came around. So, why are we concluding this chapter of our lives with another exam? Have we not had enough already? I hate those five-question quizzes teachers sometimes hand out, let alone multiple pages! Is there no hope for the senior class of 2022? Is all hope lost?

My grades are suffering. I have an IQ of room temperature, please, I need all the help I can get, and I’m feeling pretty helpless.

There’s no hope for me, for my class, for my legacy.

Have you seen me? I forget that I can’t wear outside jackets. Why was the class of 2021 spared from thine wrath?