Finland: The World’s Happiest Country

Finland: The Worlds Happiest Country

Ansley Schnelle, Staff Writer/Editor

Happiness is such a broad category, and essentially means something different to everyone. Regardless of how it’s achieved, the idea of happiness is desired by many. 2022 marks Finland’s fifth consecutive year of being named the happiest country in the world. So many factors can go into ones happiness, which makes it interesting to compare the lifestyle and customs of Finland to other parts of the world.

A factor that could go into the happiness of many of Finland’s citizens are the low crime rates. Being ranked a number of times as the “World’s Safest Country”, it makes perfect sense why citizens are able to feel comfortable in their surroundings.

Finland is also ranked as one of the best countries for having a work-life balance, as well as worker benefits. Many Finnish companies give their employees the right to readjust their working hours. As a result, productivity increases and worker burnout decreases. This societal norm limits stress by giving people more time to enjoy being with family, friends, and enjoying life’s precious moments.

Universal healthcare is another thing that makes Finland unique from many other places in the world. It is a custom in Finland to view this policy as a prioritization of moral values instead of personal economic gain.

The systems in Finland have had a profound impact on their citizens. People from all over the world can learn something from the Finnish lifestyle.