Fine Arts Student of the Week: Jack Cowden

Isabella Marquez, Staff Writer

Why did you transfer to Holy Family? Jack Cowden was planning on attending HF as a freshman, but when COVID hit, his family decided it would be better if he went online at least until his sophomore year.

What was your first production? Cowden’s first production to be a part of was Toy Story that was part of a summer camp that he went to during the summer of his fourth grade year. Cowden played the dog.

What has been your favorite production to be a part of? Cowden says that were it not for COVID he would have played the baron in Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang and that would have probably been his favorite. Since that production never happened Cowden says his next favorite has been Frankenstein.

Who is your inspiration for acting? Cowden says, “I don’t have a specific actor that inspires me. It’s more like the idea of acting inspires me.”

How are you feeling about your role in crazy for you and the show in general? Cowden says that he is feeling good about the musical and is very excited to start dancing since Crazy for you is so dance heavy.

If you could choose to see any play or musical live right now what would it be? Cowden says that he would see the original Broadway cast perform Hamilton.