Come Fly With Me


Reese James Peterson, Staff Writer

Christian Ojala is a former Tiger class of 2019 and he is doing some really interesting work involving a drone.

Christian does drone work for some big brands and manufacturers. For them he shoots commercials he has even done some promo videos for the school.

First, this is how Christian got into doing drone work “I’ve always been interested in photography and film, been flying rc planes since I was really young, decided to mix the two passions together with drones and cameras, and create content that you can’t really get any other way. Created a passion and turned it into a business.” So Christian was able to achieve a dream of his flying drones for his a living.

Christian has done work for brands such as “I have worked with CampworksCo, Lamborghini Denver, Aston Martin, McLaren, Redbull and many more!” All this brands are very notable and this means that Christian track record of clients speaks for his work.

While Christian is doing all this amazing work he is earning a degree. Here’s what he had to say “Yes. I am currently at CU Boulder studying communications and Media with a minor in Business marketing. Filming is a form of advertising for big companies so this helps me market and advertise my work.”

Christian is a great example of someone having a passion and  that passion through hard work and creativity will eventually pay off for you.