Welcome Back, Mrs. Remington!


Taeshawn Means, Staff Writer

This past 2020-2021 school year, Brush High School had the pleasure of having Mrs. Remington teach at their school. Fortunately, Mrs. Remington has made her return to Holy Family! She is a social science teacher here at Holy Family High School.

I asked her, “What was her experience at Brush High School? And how different was it from Holy Family (which is a private high school)?”

Mrs. Remington remarked on her experiences, saying:

“Brush has great staff and students but there was definitely something missing for me. I missed the ‘Catholic’ part of my day. I am beyond happy and blessed to be back to such a wonderful school! I will never take what we do here at HF for granted every again – having been at a public school was very eye opening.”

“I had been teaching at both a private and public high school, there were definitely two different experiences. Holy Family High School offers other and more opportunities than public schools do. Being a private, Catholic, and college preparatory high school, Holy Family allows students to become successful and ready for college.”

Along with amazing academic opportunities and a variety sports, Holy Family provides multiple opportunities to express your faith and your love for God! We are grateful and happy that Mrs. Remington has made her return to HF!