Golf: Going for Aces

Mia Paulson, Staff Writer/Editor

Getting the lowest score usually means defeat. No one sees a low number on a test and rejoices, and in most sports, a small number on the score board is deflating. For the Boys Golf Team, however, getting the lowest score is their goal as they fight for victory.

There are 13 boys on the golf team this year, and they are in it to win it. They have been hard at work, going to tournaments since the beginning of August, preparing for state in October. At tournaments, the boys are put in groups of three or four, where they play 18 holes, swinging for a spot as a top team at the competition.

Coach Will Wilson is very proud of the team’s accomplishments so far, and is looking forward for the rest of the season. He gives Rudy Heitz, Benny Achziger, Drake Krommenhoek, and Dustin Fouts a shout out for each doing the best this season. Plus, he says, “We’re performing pretty well… With three guys having shot scores in the mid 70s, we could have a pretty strong placing at state.”

Achziger, a senior this year, has been golfing his entire life, and quickly adopted a love for the game. He golfs every day, both for and outside of the Holy Family team. “My personal best score is a 70 at my home course, the Greeley country club,” Benny proudly stated. He is confident in the team and their ability to play well in each tournament. “We’ve got a solid varsity squad,” Benny commented. “Our best is second place at highland meadows.”

Wilson dedicates his time to coach the boys because of how much fun he has and the relationships he builds. “I enjoy the time with the boys on the team in a venue that’s not in the school in the classroom… it’s a more relaxed way to interact with them.”

The whole team is in it to win it. Four seniors, three juniors, four sophomores, and two freshman are working together with a championship as their goal. The boys are united under one sport, and will all fight as much as they can to be united with a state title as well… taking the lowest score!