Goodbye Father Joe


Summer Norwell, Staff Writer

Father Joe has been the priest for Holy Family for three years now. Over the past couple of years he has not only formed relationships with the other faculty members, but he has also formed relationships with many of the students around him, including myself.

Unfortunately, next year Father Joe is being moved to a parish in Aspen Colorado. Every three to five years, the Catholic Church rotates their priests around. This is so the priests do not get too attached to one parish and so they can provide their talents to others that may need it. 

Though he is excited for Aspen, Father Joe wants to stay at Holy Family. He has built a community over the years and he is not ready to leave. 

He is the kind of person who is full of joy. There is never a dull moment around him. He has impacted so many of the people around him and I know he will do the same in Aspen. However, we will miss him dearly in Broomfield. 

He is able to balance fun and seriousness. His love for the church is beyond everyone else’s. He plans his homilies so they both spread the word while also keeping us entertained. I think this is one of his best qualities because you are able to tell his passion. 

Three years ago, I had the privilege of meeting him. We got seen each other almost every day as he would consistently run with the cross country team. Here was where I had formed a relationship with Father as we constantly were able to make jokes, have pointless conversations, and make fun of each other. But it is not just me. I have seen father interact with students and faculty. Everyone he talks to he leaves a lasting impression on. His easy going manner yet love for the church makes him incredibly hard to hate. Though Holy Family is losing a Tiger, Aspen will be gaining an incredible Priest.