Tigers Finally Get Their Hardware

Tigers Finally Get Their Hardware

Five months after the Holy Family Tigers Football team crushed the forever second-placed Lutheran Lions in the Colorado 3A State Championship with am astonishing 33-8 score on December 2, we have finally received the all-coveted championship ring.

And let me just say that this thing is amazing, the entire senior class got together the week after the ship and designed it as a team (with minor Coach Brothers input) which, in my opinion, made it that much more special.

And finally receiving these special rings is the only fitting way to end a special season. A season that for the entirety of my time here at Holy Family I have never seen a group of guys as close as the team was this year. And yes we had a lot of skill, one of the best among the state, but what really gave us the edge is our chemistry.

All of the team bonding, all of the team dinners the nights before the game, the hangouts after the summer workout, and just the already deep history we all had with everyone made it a certainty from the beginning that this year was without a doubt our year.

Skip forward over five months we get together for the last time as a football team to celebrate as a team the receiving of our rings. We then have a beautiful moment where Coach Gabriel introduced all of the players but made us all wait to open it for us all to do it at once, which is like we are back to Christmas morning as a kid when we had to wait until everyone is up and ready to start to open presents.

We then had Father bless them all in a single line while we waited, and I must admit, it became quite difficult to resist taking even a quick peek… but I held strong.

After we got to see the fruits of our labor in all of its Gold and be-jeweled beauty we took photos with friends and family. What, in my opinion made it the most special, were the players that since they were freshman have dreamed of this moment.


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My name is Angelo O'Dorisio and I chose to because Mr. Yunt was such an amazing teacher for journalism and because it sounded fun. For Holy Family I play guard in football and I wrestled, but outside the school I play house club hockey.

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    Lawrence AndersonApr 12, 2024 at 8:24 pm

    After 110 games congratulations you guys you did a great job. I seen the last one in 2005. I miss this one but maybe next year I’ll see it again. God bless bless