Events in Brazil Mimic January 6

Events in Brazil Mimic January 6

Sam Weiss, Staff Writer

A capital surged, hundreds of civilians in custody, buildings and capitals in shambles, and an entire country left in disarray.

Citizens of America might be familiar with these rebellious behaviors as the capital of the United States endured events almost identical to those of which happened on January 8th in Brasilia, Brazil. 

Brazilian Ex-President Jair Bolsonaro supporters have been voicing their disapproval of President Lula for quite some time. Only recently have their efforts drastically intensified.

Bolsonaro supporters have camped out in front of the capital since his election defeat. Justice Minister Duo organized for armed forces to prepare a barricade and extra security. 

On December 12, 2022 these same individuals attempted to storm the capital, but their attempts were thwarted. 

On January 8th, 2023 similar events occurred as an even larger crowd walked up the ramp of the congressional building and stormed the Green Room, the lower house of Congress. 

The floor of this building was flooded as individuals attempted to set fire to the building and set off the sprinkler system in the process. Protesters also ruined historical artwork, and stole gifts given from international delegations. Blood, feces, and urine were found in multiple palace rooms. 

In the months leading up to Bolsonaros defeat, he continuously stated his hesitancy on the legitimacy of the elections. He suggested that his loss was because of voter fraud, similar to his close friend Donald Trump. 

When Bolsonaro officially lost, he refused to concede but agreed to hand over power. On the night of Lula’s inauguration, he fled to Florida. 

Experts say that Bolsonaro’s campaign laid the groundwork for the events that occurred on January 8, 2023. They also have made remarks comparing what happened in Brazil to what happened two years ago in the United States.

Dr. Marchesi, a faculty member of the English department at Holy Family and Brazilian native, explains that “these events are not surprising because of how Brazil’s government has modeled itself after the U.S… it is an interesting example of what happens when a country is polarized and misinformed.”

“It is absolutely fair to say that what happened in Brazil is what happened on January 6th in the United States. Bolsonaro was modeling himself after Donald Trump,” states Marchesi. 

President Lula has made a clear stance on these riots. He explains that these events were “barbaric” and those who participated will be found and dealt with appropriately.