How to raccoon-proof your campsite


Ava Busot, Writing Staff

Have you ever been camping and have had an unwanted visit from a furry friend? You have? Me too! In this “how to” story, I will teach you three easy steps to make sure that your campsite has no unexpected visitors.

  1. The first and most obvious way to keep away coons from invading your outdoor palace is by cleaning up all loose trash. Make sure to sweep your crumbs and put your full trash bags in the dumpster and not a trash can. The number one mistake everyone makes when dealing with trash pandas is underestimating them. They are smarter than you.
  2. A great way to keep raccoons from crossing the sacred line of your campsite is by lining the boarder with spices to stunt the smell of the coon. You can also put detergent scented sheets in your trash can to mask the smell of the garbage.
  3. The final way to protect your belongings is by tucking away all food. Make sure that no food, big or small is left out. Whether you keep it in your camper or in a cooler, keep it contained. The raccoon will get it.