The Dating Project

The Dating Project

Maddy McGee, Staff Writer

As the fall is rolling around the students in the Catholic Marriage class have to do the dating project. This project is done by the junior class every year and was implemented by Mrs. Storgaard. Not only does Mrs. Storgaard have her students do this project but all of the teachers teaching catholic marriage do this assignment. 

The instructions for this project are very different from a normal project. You are instructed to go on a date, with someone you have not gone on a date with before. You must ask them in person and have to go on the date within three days of asking them. You then have to make your own permission slip to give to their parents. 

On this permission slip, you must state where you are going, when you are going, and how long you will be out, and then you must have them sign it to get their written permission. You then turn in this signed permission slip along with your reflection paper. 

Usually, most people just ask one of their friends and go get ice cream or dinner. The person who asks must pay and it cannot be longer than 90 minutes. You can’t have any physical contact other than an A-frame hug. 

Once you go on your date you must write a reflection paper. You state who you asked, how you asked them, what you did on your date, and how you felt about your date. Then you must turn in your permission slip with your parent’s signature, your reflection paper, and a picture of you and your date.