A Yearbook To Remember


Reese James Peterson, Staff Writer

Last Friday April 29th the students of Holy Family laid their eyes on the 100th year book of Holy Family’s history. The cover has a clean black and white design creating a classic aesthetic that is completely unique compared to passed yearbooks.

Flipping through the pages you will see pictures of Holy Family throughout the years. This yearbook pays homage to past Holy Family classes.  You can see old images of past clubs, teams and staff. There are also pictures of teachers that have taught at Holy Family for 20 plus years. The yearbook staff did a excellent job seamlessly combining both the past with the present.

Flip to the back the seniors quotes whimsically portray their personalities with humor and or motivational quotes that inspire. The senior superlatives also give some insight as to where certain seniors may end up and or the reputation they made for themselves with there time at Holy Family.Underclassmen are able to read and laugh at some of the favorite memories of the seniors many of which where shared with younger students as well.

For seniors this book will serve as a great bookend in the series of yearbooks they have collected at there time attending Holy Family High School. As for juniors, sophomores it will make an excellent addition to there series of yearbooks and for freshman a great start to there series of books.

The greatest part of this book was able to encapsulate what makes Holy Family so special this history and tradition of the 100 year institution.

So if you haven’t yet get your yearbook!