We’re Going To Court


Reese James Peterson, Staff Writer

Former Bremerton (WA) High School Football Joe Kennedy case claims that his constitutional right to practice religion has been infringed upon.

This latest Bremerton High School football season for Joe Kennedy resulted him to getting into hot water over his post game prayers. These prayers caused him to lose his job. Kennedy petitioned the Supreme Court about how he felt that his 1st Amendment right to practice was being infringed upon.

Kennedy also taught as well as coached at Bremerton. Before the bell rang he would read the Bible. He would also host a Christian youth group at his home after school. Kennedy is clearly a man who lives his life with God in every aspect.

Kennedy should be able to pray with his team after games, since it doesn’t show government endorsing a particular religion. At the very least he should not have been fired over this. Instead, being asked to stop the after game prayer would have been a more appropriate punishment.

The way it should be viewed by onlookers who are offended by the practice is that coach Kennedy praying with his players is a sign of closeness because the coach is sharing something personal with his team. The way it has been viewed instead is a radical religious coach trying to indoctrinate the players of his team. Because of this outlook, coach Kennedy has been treated harshly.

Kennedy’s petition to be heard in front of the Supreme Court has been accepted and was heard on Monday, April, 25 2022. So going on the Supreme Court average to reach a decision we will find out in six weeks.