Who is Ketanji Brown Jackson?

The potential nomination onto the Supreme Court


Chinwe Onwere, Staff Writer/Editor

After days of brutal interrogation, bizarre questions, and insightful answers, Ketanji Brown Jackson completed her Senate court hearing in hopes of being receiving confirmation to be a judge on the Supreme Court.

During Biden’s campaign in 2020, the now president made a promise that if a vacancy opened up in the the Court that he would nominate a black woman to fill the spot. Not only is Jackson qualified in every sense of the word, but she has inspired so many, including myself, in her commitment and dedication to justice.

Jackson was born in Washington D.C., however she lived most of her life in Miami, eventually attending Harvard for both undergraduate studies and law school.  From a young age, Jackson had aspirations in the law and justice, performing in oratory debate and also research. After graduating with a Juris Doctor cum laude, she worked for multiple law firms, including that of Judge B. Pattis Saris and Judge Bruce M. Selya. In 2012, Barack Obama nominated Jackson to serve for the US District Court in DC, later nominated to the US Court of Appeals in DC in 2021 by President Biden.

As I listened on the radio to the Senate hearing driving home from school last week, I particularly remember one moment of Mrs. Jackson when she was talking. As she walked from the Harvard Campus late one evening, she met a black woman near the area.

“And she looked at me and I guess she knew how I was feeling, and she leaned over as we crossed and said, ‘Persevere‘.”

To say those words were powerful is an understatement. As I reflected on those words, relating it to my own experiences it was at that time that I felt a sense of solidarity. The nomination of Jackson to the Supreme Court not only is the first time a black woman has been nominated, but also is the first time of the nomination of someone who has had previous experience as a public defender. The experience she has had as a judge is truly incredible.

As the Senate confirmation vote regarding her nomination is still underway, learning about Jackson’s story has shown her incredible strength not only as her career as a judge, but as a leader that has inspired many and will continue to.