Big Holiday Plans for Big Time Writers

What are you doing this break?

Madison Forss, Staff Writer

The only question a high schooler has in mind as soon as December hits is, “Can break come any sooner?”

People are traveling, staying home, visiting family, skiing, participating in sports, etc… but what are some of Holy Family’s staff writer’s plans for this year’s break?

Editor and Staff Writer Morgan Salter’s plans are to “relax, sleep, and hopefully go to the mountains and ski.”

When asked if Christmas break is coming fast enough he states, “it’s really not, it is going really slow and it doesn’t help that many classes are giving me three tests before their final as a ‘grade booster.'”

Staff Writer Abby Edwards on the other hand is a lot more active.

“Lifting for college softball, celebrating my birthday, and I can’t wait for New Years,” she said.

Is break coming fast enough? “Yes, we are almost done with the first semester of high school and the teachers are keeping us busy.”

If you thought senioritis was hitting hard before Thanksgiving break, imagine how it is now. Although everyone’s cranking out hours of studying for finals, deep down everyone’s definitely ready for break to come. Whether we’re doing nothings besides hanging out at home or traveling to a different country, two weeks off couldn’t come sooner.