Athlete of the Week: Emmy Stoll

Isabella Marquez, Staff Writer

Personal Record: 20:48

When and why did you start doing cross country? Emmy Stoll began running cross country in middle school, following in her mother’s footsteps, who is also a runner.

What makes it important to you? Stoll says that her teammates are, “super kind and supportive” and that was the main reason she joined in high school.

What have you learned being a part of the team? She says that she has learned that running is a very mental sport, despite its grueling physical aspect. She says, “even though running is an individual sport it’s really not, you’re always running for your team.”

What has been challenging about cross country? Although Stoll agrees that the sport is challenging overall, she says that the most challenging part for her has been the amount of time she puts into it. Stoll has to stay for 2-3 hours after school every day and still come home to complete her homework.

What are your goals for cross country? She hopes to be able to get a time under 23 minutes for a 5K.

What are your future plans with cross country? Stoll says that she definitely wants to continue doing cross country through high school and maybe even look for scholarships in colleges with D2 sports.