Avalanche bury the Jets and Nuggets send Lebron to the Lake

Avalanche bury the Jets and Nuggets send Lebron to the Lake

This has been a huge week for Denver/Colorado sports fans as both the Nuggets and the Avalanche complete the gentleman sweep as they advance to the second round of the NBA and the NHL playoffs.

The Nuggets faced a fimiliar foe in the Los Angeles Laker where after a couple close games the Lakers won their first game against the Nuggets in almost the past ten match ups bringing the series to Los Angeles one; and Denver three. The Nuggets again fought through the deficiet on Monday and with yet another last second game winner by Jamal Murray the Nuggets advance to the next round.

Now everyone knew the Nuggets were going to put Lebron and AD to sleep and honestly the only real suprise was that the Lakers actually won a game, escpecially with Jokic averaging a triple double for the entire series. However many were not so optimistic in the 2021-2022 Stanley Cup champion Avalanche.

Now no one doubted the Avs are one of the most talented teams by far with record breakers on both offense and defense with names such as Cale Makar, Nathan MacKinnon, Mikko Rattenen and even more. The only thing that seemed to be holding the Avs from the cup favorites for the third year in a row was suspect goal tending as our back up Alexander Georgiev was sprung to be the full time starter.

Many thought this reason would be the thing that holds us back from cup contention. And after game one many were proven right after a six-seven Avalanche loss. This loss was infuraorating because the offense did more than enough and six goals is nine times out of ten enough to win.

Except when everybody thought the Avs will be booted first round again, the Avs would surge on to win the next four and complete the gentlemans sweep of four- one. Georgiev was a huge part of this. With his numbers after game one being a .940 save percentage and only a 2.00 GAA (Goals allowed average), these numbers being able to match Prime Corey Price.

Looking to keep both teams momentum going the Nuggets will be facing another very tough opponent in the Anthony Edwards led Minnesota Timberwolves.

Minnesota is being hyped to be the Nuggets toughest playoff match up since they lost two years ago. Since Last year the Nuggets finnished each series no later than the sixth game, but many say that this series coudl very well be the one that brings it to a game seven.

The Timberwolves have the abiltiy to guard the paint/rim, great depth, and great veteran talent. Basically all of the tools that have made Denver so dominant. Then Again there is no one quite like Jokic.

For the Avalanche thier opponent isnt confirmed yet but they dont have it easy either, as the Avs will play the winner of the Vegas- Dallas series, which both teams were heavily favored to make it to the cup for the West. With Vegas’ star-studded roster with the likes of a healthy Mark Stone and a newly required Thomas Herlt or the young, fast, and very dangerous roster in Dallas both teams would be more than a match for our Avs. But with the series still tied at two a piece it could still go either way.

Making the next couple of weeks of Denver sports at Ball Arena must watch.

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