Spring Break Fun

Spring Break Fun

Megan Pierret, Staff Writer

After two weeks back at school, another break is almost here! Mark down the 11th of March in your calendars for the first day back to fun!

As the year has already experienced the side effects of Covid, we are more than happy to say that most places are opening back up for travel. Just a few days ago, Australia opened its borders once again, which has not been done in a while. Many countries are starting to let more people in which means…GO OUT AND EXPLORE! 

Spring Break is the time off known for seeing the world, and we are lucky enough to get to experience that again. But, although places are opening back up to visitors, there are new safety precautions to take account for. For those going to Mexico (myself included), there are Covid protocols that have to be made. Before leaving the border and traveling back into the United States you are required to get a Covid test. And it is very plausible that many other countries are also following this procedure. So even though we can freely roam the earth, there are still limits in what we can do with Covid. But as long as we have the chance, let’s make the best of it! 

St. Patrick’s Day also happens to fall on Spring Break, so if you aren’t planning on leaving Colorado, one idea is to go find a festival or party! If you’re by chance going to New York or Chicago, check out their Patties Day celebrations as they have giant parades and New York even dyes their water green! 

There are many small celebrations to be found and many sources of fun out there, so as Covid restrictions are slowly lifting in other countries, this is our chance to go out and make some new memories.