Coach Gabriel Reaches 100 Career Wins


Dominic Mazzulla, Staff Writer

The Holy Family community celebrated Head Coach Mike Gabriel’s 100th win on Tuesday at the Tiger’s opening night for basketball… which they won 59-39 against Lutheran.

Coach Gabriel has been the Holy Family Football Coach for 14 years, racked up his 100th against Skyview earlier this year. In that game, the Tigers trounced the Wolverines in flashy fashion, racking up 49 points quickly.

In the 14 years that Coach Gabriel has been head coach, he has amassed a 101-50 record, and has only had two losing seasons, both of which inched close to .500. Coach Gabriel is also faced with one of the hardest RPIs (strength of schedule) every year, and has carried multiple teams deep into the playoffs.

“My favorite part of being a head coach…. I get to be a part of  the faith, character and physical development of young men.  I get to see them move on into their chosen vocations.  I get to attend weddings, baptisms, graduations and sometimes college football games of players I have coached.  Every fall I get the chance to start a new journey of which no two are the same.  Every team is different, every group of players is different and the challenge of finding the best way to coach them still gets me going.” said Coach Gabriel when he was asked what his favorite part about being a head coach is.

According to Coach Gabriel, he was unaware that he was nearing 100 wins. ” It wasn’t until I was researching a couple potential playoffs opponents leading into our last game of the season that I realized where the program stood with wins since I became the head coach.  It’s truly humbling that I have been able to be a part of a great school and program.  The 100 wins is much bigger than me, the 100 wins represent the young men who have played for Holy Family and put their heart and souls into each win and loss, the coaches who have given their time and the fans who have always supported the program,” he said.

“There have been last second field goals to win games, late game drives to overcome tough odds, grind it out wins that went back and forth, league title games, playoff games and on and on.  I think each year I have been the head coach there has been one win that was big for our program.  If I was to give my favorite win from this year, I would have to say the overtime win over Frederick and the playoff victory over Pueblo South.” said Coach Gabriel when asked what his favorite win has been over the years.

With 101 already down in only 14 years, the sky is truly the limit for the Holy Family Football program and for Coach Gabriel. THANK YOU COACH!!!

2009 — 9-3
2010 — 7-3
2011 — 8-3
2012 — 8-3
2013 — 8-2
2014 — 8-3
2015 — 8-3
2016 — 9-3
2017 — 4-6
2018 — 7-4
2019 — 5-6
2020 — 7-1
2021 — 7-5