Aaron Rodgers: The Departure


Will Nolan, Staff Writer

I have spent the last 15 years as a Green Bay Packers fan.  Despite the turns, and twists that the modern NFL has provided there has always been one constant for fans of the Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers.  Rodgers was drafted by the Packers in 2005 in the later part of the first round.  He spent 18/18 years with the franchise but will play season 19 for another franchise.  The New York Jets traded for Rodgers on Monday, April 24th, three days before the NFL Draft, and have now found their quarterback of the “future”.

There are certainly some mixed emotions with the departure of Rodgers.  Am I sad that the greatest player in franchise history, the franchise leader in passing touchdowns, the only thing that was guaranteed to keep the Packers in a game is gone?  Yes, I will miss Rodgers a lot more than people will ever give him credit for. However, sometimes the good did not outweigh the bad.  As a Packers fan, there were major concerns about Aaron Rodgers that became increasingly more annoying as time passed, specifically the last 5 years of his Packers tenure.  The list goes as follows:

  1. The inability to win in the playoffs, especially in the prime years of Davante Adams, and especially during the two consecutive years that the Packers had home-field advantage in the NFC and had zero super bowl appearances
  2. The inability to give a straightforward answer.  After the 2022 season, Rodgers was asked about his future in Green Bay.  Instead of saying whether or not it was his intention to remain with the organization.  He said, “Life is a beautiful mystery.” Aaron, please let us know what you plan to do so that for the next three months we don’t have to live in agony to await your every move.
  3. The constant drama.  I eluded to this before, but Aaron Rodgers’s attitude is toxic for an NFL locker room.  He is a great person to have when winning, but a terrible person to have when losing.  There is not a lot of accountability nor is there any change initiated the next week.

There are a few other small gripes and comments about Aaron Rodgers, but I won’t air all of my dirty laundry to a man that has done so much for my team.  I wish the best to Rodgers, I just wish that he doesn’t win a Super Bowl with the Jets. I won’t be able to handle myself if he does.