Bed Bath & Beyond and Severance Pay

Bed Bath & Beyond and Severance Pay

Vanessa Arambula, Staff Writer

A lot of Bed Bath & Beyond places are going out of business around the world for many different reasons. The thing that many workers are upset about is not that it’s going out of business but that many workers aren’t getting their severance pay.

A woman named Diane Zaccagna found out that the Bed Bath & Beyond she worked at in New Jersey was closing and she would be laid off. Zaccagna had worked there for about 18 years and for this store to close was hard for her. She loved working her because everyone there treated her nicely and even during Covid-19 she worked by shipping out online delivery orders. When the store was closing the mangers told Zaccagna and about 25 other employees that they would receive severance pay. Soon after this was said some stores had received severance packages so Zaccagna was waiting.

The Bed Bath & Beyond never paid the severance to Zaccagna and her co workers and they also told them that it wouldn’t match the annual contributions to their 401(k) retirement savings plans they paid into for all of 2022. Zaccagna spoke on this and she stated that the felt this company abandoned her and her co-workers and that their years of loyalty meant nothing at the end.

Anyone would feel bad about this treatment especially if you put a lot of your life into working at a certain place and was so loyal to them and put a lot into it. I can see where Zaccagna is upset because if I were in her position I would be too. The way that this is getting handled is not fair and isn’t the way Bed Bath & Beyond should treat their employees even if they aren’t in business anymore.