Jack Teixeira: An American Traitor

Jack Teixeira: An American Traitor

Angelo ODorisio, Staff Writer

As  twenty-one year old, former Massachusetts National Guardsman Jack Teixeira is in court this morning on charges of knowingly leaking classified documents and if convicted could face up to 15 years in prison.

After being formally arrested and detained on Thursday by and appearing in court on Friday April 14th  he is has as of now enacted his right to remain silent and is currently being tried by various federal agencies.

Being born in the New England area, Jack Teixeira was widely known as being a quiet kid that a massive fascination with military history, tactics, and most notably weapons. It has been said that walked around school with a massive binder full of tank, submarine, and jet facts. This was seen by many as misplaced intense national pride.  These traits caused many to be surprised when he would eventually pull a stunt as bad as this.

Jack was a low ranking cyber officer in the National guard, and due to his position he was given access to classified documents. The documents were leaked using Jack’s username and avatar on various discord pages in December. He would go on to post massive amounts of classified documents on various subjects such as the current war in Ukraine. The investigation started in early April when Pentagon officials heard about angry Ukrainian and Pentagon officials would shut off his clearance before Jack could leak more documents. And as of right now there are no known motives for it. But this recent scandal is starting to rise concern as this has not been the only time sensitive, classified documents have been leaked on various public web pages as we saw when a combat engineers posted classified details about both the English MBT the Challenger and the French Leclerc to merely win an online argument.

As Jack Teixeira was only just formally accused and the investigation, speared by the FBI, is still ongoing information will still be limited for the time being.