How to Combat Senioritis

As senior year is coming to a close, getting those last assignments turned in can be quite the struggle. Here are a few tips to help manage the senioritis!


Matilda Warner, Staff Writer

As of April 12th, there are only 10 purple days and 11 gold days left, adding up to 22 days until seniors are officially done with their high school experience. Seniors still have final exams scheduled for May 11th and 12th whether or not there is an actual test or project in the class. Graduation, scheduled for May 18th at the Michael G. Gabriel Stadium, is now 36 days away (including weekends). As most seniors are in the mindset that grades don’t matter anymore and no one cares what happens in the next few weeks, this is not the case.

In order to combat the feelings of low inspiration, seniors can set easy and attainable goals, stay optimistic and realise that even if you know the college you will attend in the fall or future plans, grades are still important to colleges and for receiving a diploma. Other ways a senior can stay motivated is by focusing on yourself and celebrating the small victories that one completes. Organisation, personally, is a key component in helping seniors stay on task and keeping grades up or at least not from completely dropping.

As a senior that has definitely experienced senioritis, it is apparent that staying organised and maintaining a somewhat strong work ethic is best when finalising those grades for the last few weeks of school. It can be very difficult to actually stay on top of the work and not do something even though it will support and better your grade.

Senioritis can be a huge struggle. Personally, I am writing this story the day that it is due and have procrastinated this assignment since April 1st. I was unsure of what to write about and realised that writing about a personal experience can get me to the world limit I need in order to publish this story and get the grade.