The Tragic Passing of Chadwick Boseman

He played the roles of influential and powerful individuals

Julia Contreras, Writer

On August 28, an inspiring actor who played the roles of influential individuals has sadly passed away. Chadwick Boseman had been battling colon cancer for four years before his body decided that he needed to be at peace.

The amazing actor battled through it all, bringing us many films that we all love, and playing Black American icons who changed the world. During a lot of his filming, Chadwick was going through countless surgeries and chemotherapy to fight as hard as he could to stay healthy and defeat cancer.

Though he has been through numerous operations, Boseman was never open to the public about what he was going through. He had other combats to encounter that didn’t involve Killmonger. The only people that knew about Boseman’s troubles were his family. 

Just like other inspirational figures, Boseman brought every scene to life with his captivating acting and intense performances. He brought us the many films which illuminate power in the Black community, and he became a worldwide icon.

Boseman didn’t become our Black Panther easily. He worked hard in theater, acting, and writing as a student at Howard University. Landing small roles on ABC Family kick started his career, it really skyrocketed however when he played as Jackie Robinson. After that, his acting career has been unstoppable ever since. 

Boseman’s performance as Jackie Robinson in the film “42” in 2013 is what really stood out to everyone. He created a powerful image representing Robinson, an influential individual who changed the world for many, just as Chadwick has done. Martin King Jr. III even said that Boseman “brought history to life.” 

Despite battling with cancer, he played as a hero to many, fighting and inspiring those who looked up to him, and humanizing historical figures. Working on another highly anticipated movie, Chadwick also played music legend James Brown in the movie “Get On Up.” Playing as the Godfather of soul, Boseman had to excel in becoming Brown during the film and follow up on his trials and tribulations. 

When questioned about his own heroes, Boseman gave the names of black political leaders and musicians. These names include Prince, Martin Luther King Jr., Bob Marley, Public Enemy, and A Tribe Called Quest. Boseman made it clear that his icons contributed in forming who he was. 

Before Kobe Bryant’s passing, a remarkable encounter between the two influential men came upon us in 2018.  After Bryant’s death, Boseman shared a touching conversation that they had. During such an exchange, Boseman revealed that both him and Kobe were talking about working on a project together. Although they may not have been able to do that on earth, they can in the afterlife. Boseman exclaimed The first time I saw him was before he won the Oscar… It was crazy because we were sitting in the party talking about philosophy and poetry — that’s who he was. He was like, ‘This is what I’m into right now as an artist, not as a basketball player.’” After talking about their interests, they began to mention working together. “’Yo we should do something together,’” Boseman said. Kobe replied with “two years, give me two years.” After they departed and Boseman went back to his wife, he commented on Kobe, saying “he is who they say is.”

Kobe Bryant’s death shocked Boseman, resulting in him sharing a beautiful post of how amazing and magnetic he was. Just like Kobe, Chadwick left the same mark on the world: powerful. 

Boseman’s connection with everyone was out of this world, whether it was sports, movies, or art. He was well rounded and wanted to create something big. And he sure did. 

Both men were determined to finish their projects and have impacted the world, changing it for future generations. Thanks to Chadwick, he brought us a superhero and humanized powerful characters among us. He showed strength, dedication, and will power, he inspired so many people, and he always will. 

Rest in Peace, Chadwick Boseman. Thank you. 


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