Spring Kairos 2023


Angelo ODorisio, Staff Writer

Due to fall Kairos being directly during the winter sports season many student athletes had to go on Kairos during the spring. And I was fortunate enough to be able to go with my friends which only added to the experience.

Now to get one thing clear, I came into Kairos thinking it will just be a time to hangout with my friends and I won’t really have any real spiritual awakenings, however that negative viewpoint was profoundly destroyed.

Now Kairos is a retreat that all juniors have to go on in order to graduate, its a time meant to be away from Kronos which means time. This is supposed to symbolize that you don’t have to care about worrying about the time restraints while on the retreat, they don’t even give you the schedule as a way to make it as calming as possible.

On Kairos you will be with all the other boys and most likely separated into 2 cabins where you will sleep with around 7 to 11 other guys. You will be able to go to many speeches from both senior and teacher leaders about how Christ has affected their life.

Now for my Kairos experience from what I heard was far from the norm for the retreat.

It started off with us about an hour and a half into the journey when the girls bus ahead of us spinning out and beginning to fall back down the hill, as it has been snowing heavily since around 3 hours before causing the roads to be very slick. So unable to get up the hill, we pulled off the side of the road to see what we can do, only problem was that the girls bus didn’t have any snow chains, but even using the guys chains no one knew how to put them on. That was until two Junior boys came to the rescue, Trevor Stevens and Landon Hood. They came outside and were able to put on the snow chains even in the blizzard and saved the day with a slight delay.

Now the first night was probably the most introspective thing I’ve ever had the opportunity to be a part of. Now I am not allowed to talk about what actually happened but Mr. DeSantis did a great job putting it all together.

Onto the second day which was by far my favorite. We had some great speeches by our leaders which struck deeply with me personally and after those discussions we had a big chunk of free time during the day which gave me and my bunk mates Dustin, Trevor, and Landon an idea. So we spent some time outside really amazed by the beauty of the trip

After dinner that night we all packed into a bus and drove to a beautiful small church called Upon this Rock Church where we had adoration and confession. This was a really freeing time as personally it allowed me to fully give up all my sins, which was one of the most freeing time of my life. And on our way back to the chapel as the confession booth was separated, Dustin, Trevor and I went out on a walk just to really appreciate the atmosphere.

This Spring Kairos was an experience that, as a Christian, really allowed me to look inside myself and truly connect more with God than I have ever in my life. Which was very calming experience allowing for even more introspection, making me take one long look on who I really want to be.