Top 10 College Lacrosse Uniforms

Brendan Staff, Staff Writer

With spring lacrosse now in full swing, it’s time to rank the top 10 college lacrosse uniforms.

10. Providence

Starting off the list is the Providence Friars. Providence starts with a classic but clean colorway in black, white, and grey. The simplicity of the jersey provides a clean look for the Friars. The matte grey helmet adds to the look and gives the uniform a menacing feel as well as the chromes that make an appearance every few games. However, the somewhat basic uniforms can’t get any higher than 10.


9. Towson

Another classic and clean look is utilized by the Towson Tigers. The simple black and grey allows the yellow to pop on the field. The Tigers are usually sporting a somewhat plain black and grey look with accents of yellow not pictured. However, occasionally they break out arguably the best throwbacks in all of lacrosse. The yellow porthole mesh with the clean shorts give a true throwback feel. The old school panel decals on the helmets truly bring together the throwback look. Towson also utilizes a black version of their throwback that looks just as clean. Along with their throwback helmets, the Tigers wear chrome gold and matte black helmets that stand out in their usual look.

8. Duke

The Duke Blue Devils come in at number 8. The classic Duke jersey and colorway that has been unchanged for years earns them a spot on this list. What elevates this duke jersey is their new blacks helmets. The Blue Devils wear a matte black helmet with shiny decals in their iconic Duke font. Duke’s use of black in their helmet and shorts complete this uniform and put them on this list. However, they are held back by their plain jerseys. The font on their jerseys is not the classic Duke font and their numbers resemble that of a high school practice jersey. Despite its traditional look, they are just too plain and basic, earning Duke no higher than the number 8 spot.


7. Princeton

Approaching the top 5 is the Princeton Tigers at number 7. The Tigers rep one of the best color combinations in all of sports, black and orange. Princeton has a clean and simple jersey with stripes on the sleeves to add a bit of detail. To top their clean jersey are their iconic black and orange helmet. The Tigers would be ranked much higher but they switched from their STX rivals to the Cascade XRS. While the XRS is objectively a safer helmet, the Tigers have not yet brought out the iconic black and orange alternate this season and instead wear all white or all black helmets. However, Princeton still has 3 solid jersey options in black, white, and orange, earning them the number 7 spot. They would easily be a top 5 uniform if the black and orange helmets make a return this season.

6. Denver

The Denver Pioneers take the number 6 spot with their unmatched color combo. No other school in the NCAA sports red and gold as well as the Pioneers. The all black jerseys pictured are simple and allow the accents of red and gold to shine on the front and sleeves. On top of this, the Pioneers have a beautiful gold mountain decal on the back of their helmets. Other than their black jerseys, Denver has options with their solid red, gold, and all whites capped off with a white bucket.


5. North Carolina

Starting off the top 5 is North Carolina. The Tar Heels use their classic UNC baby blue so well. While somewhat plain, the simplicity of baby blue and white pops on the field. To top off their clean and simple jerseys, the Tar Heels have some of the best helmets in the game. This year, they have only displayed the matte blacks and baby blue helmets. However, fans can only hope they bring back their icy whites and chromes from last year. The classic UNC argyle pattern lines the sleeves and the top of the matte black helmets, bringing together the Tar Heel look. The classic color pallet and matte helmets give UNC the number 5 spot.

4. Syracuse

To nobody’s surprise, Syracuse comes in at the top 5 of this list. The Orange never disappoint when it comes to their historic lacrosse uniforms. Legends have passed through this program wearing the iconic orange and blue uniforms. The Orange have a great selection of jerseys and helmets to choose from, with chrome orange helmets and classic throwbacks being fan favorites. Overall the Orange have cleans jerseys that go well with their chrome orange helmets. Their timeless and iconic look earns the orange the number 4 spot.


3. Tufts

Coming in at the number 3 spot, to the surprise of many casual fans is Tufts University. Every real lacrosse fan knows just how clean the Jumbos’ jerseys are. Although they are D3, the Jumbos have some of the best uniforms in the sport of lacrosse. They sport a very unique color combination of brown and light blue, but they pull it off very well. Tufts has a vast array of jerseys including blue, brown, grey, black, and white. The ‘Bos have some clean lids too in a solid blue and brown topped off with Jumbo decals, along with chromes that have not yet appeared in game this season. Tufts also brings out a set of throwbacks every year that are sure to turn heads. The clean design and unique color combinations make the Jumbos look extra good in their dominant D3 performances.

2. Johns Hopkins

The Hopkins Blue Jays come in just outside the top at number 2. The Blue Jays have a pristine white and light blue color combination to make for some clean uniforms. Black and blue details around the sleeves and collar add to the look. Hopkins have some of the best helmets in the game, utilizing their throwback logo to complete the whiteout. They also wear a matte black helmet with a blue jay logo to round out their blackouts. Overall, Hopkins have some great uniforms driven by their clean color combination and helmets.

1. Notre Dame

Topping this list of high honor are the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Under Armor did a fantastic job designing these timeless uniforms. The Irish have a simple look that let their helmets shine. Gold stripes on the collar and sleeves pop on the navy blue or white jersey. The navy blue and gold combination that outline the letters and numbers of the jersey pop on the simple base. The highlight of the jersey are the iconic Notre Dame golden dome helmets. The Irish keep it simple with just one decal on the back that reads Irish in navy blue. On top of their classic blue and white jerseys, the Fighting Irish break out their St. Patrick’s day alternates a few times a season. This jersey adds to the already great lineup of uniforms and showcases light green details and a cursive Irish font. The 3 classic uniforms earns Notre Dame the number 1 spot.