Selena v. Kylie & Hailey

Sam Weiss, Staff Writer

Selena Gomez, an American singer, actress, and creator of the makeup brand Rare Beauty, has recently found herself in a feud with model and entrepreneur Hailey Bieber. 

The two have had a relationship that can only be described as the word “frenemy”. Gomez famously dated Justin Beiber for a significant amount of time throughout their rise to stardom. Hailey on the other hand, recently married Justin as of 2018. The public eye has pitted these two women against each other.

In an interview with Alexandra Cooper in late fall of 2022, Hailey mentioned that she has “nothing but love” for Gomez. Despite this statement, her acts of the past week have not seemed to reflect her previous words.

Gomez uploaded a TikTok earlier this week stating that her eyebrows, that had been recently laminated, had turned out more dramatic than she had expected. 

Kylie Jenner, a close friend of Hailey, decided to get involved in the situation and uploaded an Instagram story that mocked Gomez’s new look. She posted a photo that was captioned “That was an accident?” placed over her eyebrows.

Suspicions did not arise until Hailey was also posted on Jenner’s story with a close up photo of her eyebrows as well. Fans and gossip accounts have conspired that there is now an online feud between Gomez and Hailey with Kylie. 

Although Kylie publicly stated that people were “reaching” and that it meant nothing, Gomez stans are still angry. 

Selena responded to Kylie by saying that she was a big fan and that the whole situation was silly. 

Fans have disregarded these statements as both Hailey and Kylie have lost hundreds of thousands of fans just in the span of a couple of days. If the feud continues, and the media spins it out of control as they have this week, the two are on the verge of losing a significant amount of followers.