Chrome Wins PLL Championship Series

Brendan Staff, Staff Writer

The PLL Championship Series was an alternate short season for the regularly scheduled Premier Lacrosse League in the summer. The top four teams from the 2022 summer season qualified for this short championship series. The Championship Series took the format of sixes, a style of lacrosse similar to basketball. The main differences compared to traditional outdoor lacrosse in the summer season is the number of players and quick starts. Each team has six field players and a goalie, with no long poles or set positions, all six players cover the entire shortened field. There is also no stoppage after each goal, similar to basketball, the goalie just picks it up and passes it to a teammate. Another twist is the 13 yard 2 point line. The lack of long poles, shortened field, and 13 yard 2 point line set up for lots of scoring.

The four teams that qualified for the Championship Series were Chrome, Atlas, Whipsnakes, and Archers. Atlas went 3-0 in pool play, looking unstopable led by Romar Dennis. The Archers also looked strong with just 1 loss securing the number 2 seed. Chrome picked up just 1 win against the Whipsnakes led by a dominant Logan Wisnouskas performance, giving them the 3 and knocking the Whipsnakes down to 4. Atlas and Dennis continued their dominance with a 30-21 win over the Whipsnakes, sending them to the championship game. Later in the day Chrome pulled of the upset, winning 21-18 over the Archers, continuing to build momentum for the Championship game.

The stage was set with the hot Chrome and the dominant Atlas. Going into the game the match up to watch was Logan Wisnouaskas of the Chrome against Romar Dennis of the Atlas. Both players have a similar style, with unparalleled size, aggressive defense, and most importantly snipers from 2. Atlas got out to a hot start, with Chris Gray and Romar Dennis putting up some highlight reel plays, giving them the lead for most of the game. Atlas held the lead until Chrome Goalie Sean Sconone got hot in the second half combined with Dylan Molloy’s 7 points, the last of which giving Chrome their first lead of the game with just 5 minutes left. Chrome’s defense continued to outperform the Atlas offense limiting them to their least amount of 2 point makes all series. Colin Heacock and Gibson Smith capped off the 6 point run late in the game, giving Chrome a 3 point lead. They held the lead for the remaining few minutes giving them the win, 24-23.


This was Chrome’s first championship win since the birth of the league in 2019. Along with the first trophy for the club, they received a 120,000 dollar cash prize. The Championship Series is considered an overall success for the sport of lacrosse, growing the popularity of sixes, showcased by high scoring, fast paced action, and accessibility. The sixes format is set to be used in the World Games and Summer Olympics in attempts to grow the sport.