Current Time- A Saving Grace

Current Time- A Saving Grace

Sam Weiss, Staff Writer

One year ago, a war was launched between Ukraine and Russia. To the attackers surprise, a war was also started on their own soil. 

Information blockades have intensified in Russia, in fact, Russians have been unable to view Western news and social media websites. 

As authorities have been on high alert as the war has begun, a culture of fear has been placed on Russian citizens as they are afraid to share their true opinions on what is happening in their country.

Many Russians are hesitant to trust the news and the information that the country has provided for them about the war. As a result, some Russian citizens have begun to hack these restrictions to access dispatches and photos of the frontlines. 

Support for Vladimir Putin has fallen 6% in the past year which is not shocking because there is no room for other opinions on Russian media. The television programs are closely monitored and full of propaganda that entices citizens to favor and encourage the war.

Sociologists have recently been tracking Russian opinion and believe that there are two sides to the argument- those who strongly support what is going on in Ukraine and those who strongly oppose. Their findings reflect that most citizens fall in between these extremes.

As many Russians choose not to get involved with what is going on, it has become increasingly more difficult. This is directly related to the economic isolation that the country is currently enduring. Many citizens are concerned about the prices and availability of products, and concern is arising about little to no information being shared about the war in Ukraine.

In attempts to fix this problem, and reach the Russian audience, Current Time, a 24/7 digital network for Russians has been released. This program shows uncensored scenes of the war to platforms that are still authorized by the Kremlin.

As the days go on, and the VPN usage increases, Russia is inching closer and closer to breaking free from President Vladimir Putin’s propaganda and censorship. The only hope from here is that Current Time can reach a larger audience for more awareness to spread across the country.