Hollywood Conspiracies


Ava Busot, Writing Staff

Hollywood has always been a hotspot for celebrity drama and conspiracies. While most conspiracies are just wild ideas, some are true. Over the years, many people have noticed drastic changes in some of their favorite stars such as Brittany Spears, Avril Lavigne, and Kanye. Have these famous faces been duplicated, or is it all just a coincidence? Conspiracists also believe that many celebrity deaths have deeper meaning than shown to the public.Bob Marley | Biography, Songs, Albums, Death, & Facts | Britannica

Bob Marly was a Jamaican singer who inspired millions of people with his music. Sadly, Bob died in 1981 from melanoma. Despite this being his legal cause of death, people seemed to believe that he was killed by the CIA and not cancer. While this theory may seem ridiculous, his accident in 1976 proves otherwise. On December 3rd, 1976, Bob was attacked by 7 armed men, one of them being a well-known member of the CIA. While this doesn’t prove the theory, it does make you think that it could be true.

The Murder of Princess Diana: The Truth Behind the Assassination of the People's Princess: Botham, Noel: 9781786064769: Amazon.com: Books The Royal family is obviously not shy of the spotlight and its own share of drama, but Princess Diana’s death is still one that’s talked about frequently today. It is believed that Diana’s was caused by a car accident while she was running away from the¬†paparazzi, however, many eye witnesses claimed that there was no paparazzi in sight. After Diana’s split with Charles, it was believed that the British secret service had her killed for knowing too much about the family’s involvement in the illuminati. Another theory is that she was killed before she was able to convert to Islam and marrying Dodi Fayed, who was in the car along with Diana.

Brittany Spears and Kanye West are both victims of the cloning conspiracy. Both celebs have had very drama filled careers, leading many people to believe that they were taken and replaced by their look-alikes. During the mid 2000’s Brittany suffered a series of meltdowns such as shaving her head, appearing carless while handling her few month old son, and multiple hospital stays during her custody battle. Along with this series of strange behavior, fans also noticed drastic changes in the stars face. In the last couple of years, Kanye has been divorced, canceled, reported abusive to ex wife Kim Kardashian, and married again to a knock off Kim. An old video Kanye can be heard saying, “If i disappear and come back, it’s not me”. While one video doesn’t prove that he’s a clone, many people have noticed major changes in his face along with his height. Britney Spears Conspiracy Theory Takes Off Amid Kanye West Missing Rumors