Galentine’s Day


Marissa Gray, Staff Writer

For some, Valentine’s Day is one for romance and fancy dinners. For others, the holiday is a time to celebrate all of your best friends and family. Here’s how to have an amazing Galentine’s Day! 

Speaking from experience, one of the best ways to spend Valentine’s Day is Galentines. During Galentines, your group of friends spend the week before Valentine’s Day hanging out and eating candy. On the 14th, the group goes out to a nice restaurant or for dinner at someone’s house. Everyone dresses up and wears pink or red. 

 This year my friends and I gave each other small gifts leading up to the big day. These small presents consisted of candy, soda, lip gloss, and the cutest stuffed animals ever. We also attempted to keep the gift givers a secret, but unfortunately most of the girls have found out already. Secret Cupid was not so secret this time. 

If you want to add to the dinner, have a game night! Pick your favorite game and get a big round going with all of your friends. This could be a few hours or just 30 minutes, but it is guaranteed to be a fun time. 

Another way to spice up a dinner party at someone’s house is with drink boards. To make a drink board, each person has a theme and they bring drinks based around their theme. For example, a girl may have the theme ocean, and she will bring a blue drink with candy fish. Another girl may have Disco as her theme, and she would bring a sparkly drink. 

You could also assign every girl a color, and they have to bring a drink of their assigned color. Either way, these drinks are sure to make a dinner party super fun. 

Whether you are going to have a romantic Valentine’s Day or a Galentine’s Day, February 14th can be one to remember.