Dolphins and Humans Team Up


Vanessa Arambula, Staff Writer

It’s not unusual for humans and dolphins to team up to do things because dolphins are very intelligent creatures and in this case both are teaming up to go fishing. From the time of the Roman Empire to France to the 19th century Queensland, Australia is when people and dolphins first worked together to go hunting for fish.

Although we can only get the human’s point of view on what it’s like to hunt with dolphins and just about impossible to get their point of view it’s still been cool to see how it can impact the dolphin. It impacts the dolphins because when you both the dolphin and a human to go hunt for fish it gives you a greater advantage to get more fish and with that, the dolphin get more food to eat. Scientist use drone with underwater sound recordings as well as other tools to document how people and dolphins coordinate each others actions. By using these tools we see that sometimes a human and a dolphin can read each other’s body language by simply just swimming by each other.

Stephanie King is a biologist that studies dolphin communication at the University of Bristol said, “this study clearly shows that both dolphins and humans are paying attention to each other’s behavior, and that dolphins provide a cue to when the nets should be cast.” She also added that by them working together they catch more fish and the dolphins become more successful in foraging.  Sometimes the water can be really foggy or dark so humans an’t see fish throughout certain parts of the water, and this is when they work together because dolphins use their sounds to find them by emitting small clicks.

Working together with the dolphins is both amazing for the human and the dolphins as well because not only do they work together and read each other’s body language but in order to this you have to create trust between the person and the dolphin. While creating you also create a bond so the person and the dolphin know they are safe and can trust each other no matter the circumstance. In the seaside of Laguna is where this type of training is held to see what dolphin connects with the person so they can train together and get more complexed at hunting for fish.