Energy Drink Limbo: Celsius Getting Sued

Maddy McGee, Staff Writer

Celsius was created in 2017 by Alex Mashinsky, Daniel Lion, and Nuke Goldstein. Celsius was marketed as a supplement drink containing good-for-you ingredients like green tea, ginger, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C, which all work to raise your metabolism maintaining a steady calorie burn and keeping you energized.

Although it is a healthier alternative to other energy drinks on the market, it still has negative effects. Many have found this causes irregular heartbeat, insomnia, and heightened anxiety. It is also been shown to cause dehydration and heart problems due to the high levels of caffeine. More common in those who overuse the supplement.

However, after this drink went viral on social media over the last couple of years. It is now starting to catch up with them. People are speaking up about the health problems this drink is giving them. As these are side effects of all highly caffeinated beverages, Celsius drinks made much more damage.

Within these health problems caused by Celsius, a lawsuit has also been filed against them. In July 2022 Celsius filed for bankruptcy. A general attorney from New York has filed against the co-founder of Celsius, who is now bankrupt.  Celsius has allegedly been defrauding hundreds of thousands of investors who deposited millions of dollars into this business.

This lawsuit against Mashinsky caused him to resign from the company soon after.

NBC has posted an article advertising that if you bought a Celsius between the dates of January 1, 2015, and November 23 2022 you can get a payout due to the lawsuit and false claims the business has made. You can file this claim until February 13th and get a $250 payout for the claim.