Chess back on top

Chess back on top

Angelo ODorisio, Staff Writer

With Adobe Flash no longer be supported and the school administration cracking down and banning certain sites on our computer, students are having to turn to other places to occupy their mindafter they’ve got all of their work done.

I am one of these students, after flash games went bye-bye I found solace in a game that I have always loved, chess.

Chess can take its origins to an Indian war game called Chartarung during the late first millennia AD and was spread through trade till it eventually found it way to Europe, where it got its name through mispronunciation of its original name Shah.

During the mid 1500’s chess went under numerous changes such as the queen going from the weakest piece to the strongest and the bishop becoming long ranged allowing the game to become much, much more fast paced, although the creator of these new changes are unknown most likely being a more community agreed changes. This new faster paced game allowed for much easy competitions to began to be held.

With this new found competitive nature legends began to pop up around the world such as Americas first being Paul Morphy who went to Europe in his twenty’s and beat the man who was widely considered Europe’s best, Adolph Anderssen. He was considered a champion of American culture until he would later go mad and die of a stroke during a midday bath.

Since then chess has taken its place as one the most challenging and entertaining games in the world even in the age of technology and where video games have almost single handedly killed all other board games. But there is a reason for this as Chess was able to adapt and is becoming a booming website that is slowly taking the place as the new game to play.