The outrages increase on prices

The outrages increase on prices

Vanessa Arambula, Staff Writer

Three years later and we are still getting backlash from the pandemic because as of the new year inflation in Colorado has gone up with everything. Things like food, gas, etc. are all increasing in prices right now and it’s hard for some people because not all can adapt to changes like this.

Food prices are one of the main ones a lot of people are noticing that are going up, with at home food costs increasing by 10.8% and meat and protein increasing by 14.3% in the past couple of years is insane. From grocery food prices going up to fat food places upping their prices as well on things. Along with the groceries, stores in Colorado are now charging ten cents for a bag and slowly getting rid of them so we can keep our environment safe from the harm plastic bags cause to it. A simple meal from McDonald’s used to be about five dollars just for one meal and now because of the high prices it’s almost ten dollars just for one meal.

Another thing that inflation in Colorado is doing is making gas prices go up. Just in the past year gas prices have gone up thirty six cents and now the average price is $3.65 to fill up for gas. $3.65 may not seem like much for gas comparing to some things that are rising in pricing but it is and when filling up your car whether it’s a half of tank or a full tank you can tell that gas is getting more expensive.

Most economies believe that low, stable, and predictable inflation is good for an economy because if it’s low and predictable than it would be easier to capture in price than it’s adjustable in contracts and interests. Also with the prices going up then workers can get payed more because of the wages.