Viva las Galletas!


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

Good morning and welcome back to your favorite story of the week. Last week was a truly great lineup and has kept the good year of cookies going for this 2023 season. So go get yourself a box and share with friends, or don’t, it’s time to shed the Christmas weight though!

Beginning with Fourth, Peanut Butter Cup Ft. Reese’s (second from left). This was a peanut butter cookie swirled with melty peanut butter and sprinkled with Reese’s peanut butter cups. I was enjoying the peanut butter cookies for a long time but Crumbl has sent us over the edge. It’s the same cookie different name and we’re tired, really tired. Crumbl needs to move on. Why you so obsessed with the peanut butter! Other than all that the cookie wasn’t very good and I wouldn’t recommend it. Next!

In Third, Confetti Cake (far left). This was a burst of confetti sprinkles in a fluffy sugar cookie topped with a swirl of pink vanilla cream cheese. At first bit I wasn’t really down for this cookie. At the second I realized it wasn’t bad. This cookie truly tasted like a birthday cake and I love me some birthday cake. The cream cheese frosting is always a hit and the cookie was fluffy and dense like a cake. Of course it’s still a pretty basic cookie. Although I’m easily flattered by pink, I just couldn’t give this cookie a top two ranking for the frosting. Keeping it honest though, I would kind of recommend this cookie.

Now, for Second, Rocky Road (second from right). This was a chocolate cookie stuffed with marshmallow filling then covered in semi-sweet chocolate chips and almonds. From the jump I already love me some rocky road ice cream. If you don’t know what that is than there’s no saving you. I have to say this cookie didn’t really scream rocky road at me and for that it can’t be in first. I think it could’ve used more marshmallow, less chocolate chips, and more almonds. You might be thinking that that’s a lot for a cookie I put in second. Well yes it is because I don’t want this to be a good cookie, I want it to be a great one. This cookie warm was amazing and I absolutely recommend it, especially for my chocolate lovers.

Finally, in First, Lemon Cheesecake (far right). This was a buttery graham cracker cookie topped with a creamy lemon cheesecake frosting and a tart punch of lemon curd. This was a new cookie and a dang good one! Along with peanut butter we’ve gotten our fair share of lemon cookies. This cookie was so good that Crumbl needs to end the lemon run for a little bit while they’re on a really good note. I think everyone should try this cookie because I thought it was pretty perfect. Even people that don’t love lemons would love this cookie!!

Well that’s a rap for a dang good week. Just a heads up next week will have no review. Due to the weather I was not braving the roads to get these cookies. I love them but not that much. Honestly you can just yell at Mr. Yunt for not renting a snow plow and getting the cookies. How inconsiderate of him! Look out for the next one though and don’t forget to keep tuning in for your favorite story!