Charmin Ultra Soft Player of The Year Tracker

Brendan Staff, Staff Writer

While many NBA analysts focus and track certain awards throughout the season like the MVP, for most valuable player, and rookie/defensive player of the year, I chose to focus on tracking the Charmin Ultra Soft Player of the Year. This award goes to the NBA player who I deem the softest player of the year. Now that the season is about at its mid way point, I thought I’d help out the NBA and give them a CUSPOTY list to go along with their MVP, ROTY, and DPOTY lists.

HM. Lebron James

Coming in as an honorable mention is Lebron James. Lebron has been a constant flopper throughout his career, always falling, getting poked in the eye, and getting any foul call he wants. While not the same flopper and soft player he once was in the 2020 bubble, Lebron James is still up there in his softness. Lebron is often over hated for his soft playstyle and has still put up a very successful career. Lebron is also helped out by the fact that his team is now irrelevant, which earns him just an honorable mention. Nobody in the League is scared of the Lakers making a run where they currently sit ranked 12th in the West.

3. Chris Paul

Coming in at the number three spot is Chris Paul. Past his glory days, Chris Paul now has to rely on his softness to stay relevant in the league. Possibly the player who gets poked in the eye the most, Chris Paul is quite the flopper. Other than his softness Chris Paul cannot defend anyone on the court due to his small stature. Being on the Suns also does not help his cause as he play for the softest team in the league, earning him the number three spot.

2. Rudy Gobert

Rudy Gobert is the currently the second softest player in the entire NBA. The 7’1 France native praised for his interior defense is nowhere near the blocks per game leaders, a category he used to lead. After being paired with another top big man in the league this off season in Karl-Anthony Towns, expectations for the duo down low were high. However, instead of being a ferocious defender like he once was, Rudy Gobert just complains to refs about fouls. Gobert is way to big and tall to be this soft, constantly getting bullied by smaller players and poked in the eye.

1. Devin Booker

Coming in at the top spot for Charmin Ultra Soft Player of the Year award is Devin Booker. Booker still has about half a season to turn things around, but so far, is making a strong case for this award. Because Devin Booker is skilled and plays for a popular team, he is often on the nationally televised games, putting himself on a big stage to be soft. His softest performance of the year so far, on Christmas against the Nuggets, proved why he is number 1. After getting hurt sometime in the middle of a close game, Booker left his team and made a trip to the locker room to shower and put on a nice fit instead of supporting his team. When he finally came back to the court to support his team in the fourth quarter, he watched as his teammates got demolished by Aaron Gordon and the Nuggets without him. Other than this performance, Devin Booker is constantly whining, flopping, or literally leaving the game whenever things don’t go his way.