Kevin Durant Injury


Rory Romano, Staff Writer

The Brooklyn Nets is a veteran team with championship aspirations as the roster includes superstars KD and Kyrie with DPY Ben Simmons holding it down on the other side along side great role players like, Claxton, Curry, Harris and Wantanabe.

The team started slow with a shaking start and resulted in Head Coach Steve Nash stepping down.

Sense that the Nets have been rolling with a 12 game win streak and coming out victorious in their last 15 of 16 games.

The team went from the 11 seed in the east all way to second.Brooklyn Nets Forward Kevin Durant Sprains MCL - Blazer's Edge Though, the MVP candidate Kevin Durant got hurt in the 12 game with right MCL sprain, which is terrible for the program as Kevin already has a long history of MCL and ACL injuries which could but there dream of a playoff run in jeopardy.

Durant is the Nets best player and lead as he is averaging 30 points 7 rebound and 5 assists as he contributes to winning basketball. Therefore it could possibly through of the Nets rhythm even though there is still talented players on the roster but with such a center piece missing it could go downhill.

This is most likely going to put a heavy workload on Kyrie Irving who on the season is averaging 26ppg along side 5 and 5. Kyrie has never succeed in the NBA as the best player on a team no matter how talented he is which can add some fear to the situation.

With KD gone the cohesiveness needs to stick during this stretch if the Nets are going to be competitive and stay near the top of the talented East during his absence. This year need to be a big year for them and with this situation it is important they come out better than they came in as a whole. The Nets need a big year this year because if not the basketball world would view the Nets super teams the last 4 years as a failure.