Every week we’re Crumbln’ – Back from Break!!!


Sierra Nanez, Staff Writer

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We’re back from break and ready to kick it. I hope these stories give you some joy among the sadness of coming back to school. It’s been extra cold in the building and you don’t know pain until you sleep on the gym floor. This pink box was exactly what I needed to get over the past week. So get a box and share with friends, or don’t, I understand why if you were at the senior retreat. Let’s get into the cookies!

Starting of in fourth, Nilla Bean Cupcake (second from right). This was a cakey vanilla bean cookie with creamy vanilla cream cheese frosting and white sprinkles. This cookie was boring and I don know what to say about it. Honestly it was just a sugar cookie. What’s important about vanilla bean? Couldn’t tell ya because I have no idea and honestly I think it’s nothing. This is the most plain of the jane cookie and it wasn’t even that good so let’s move on.

In third, Peanut Butter & Jelly (second from left). This was a a rich peanut butter cookie topped with thick peanut butter mousse and tart raspberry jam. Where did this cookie go wrong? It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Well it really wasn’t. Why  you might ask, far too much peanut butter. I’m no peanut butter hater but lately Crumbl has been giving us a peanut butter cookie every week. I honestly would love this cookie if the peanut butter wasn’t so thick and there was more jelly. I don’t recommend this cookie but it was better than the vanilla. NEXT!

Now, in second, Cornbread (far right). This was a cornbread cookie smothered with honey butter glaze, topped with a dollop of thick honey buttercream frosting, and a drizzle of honey. Let’s say what’s on our minds, the cookie looks soggy and gross. That’s what we all thought. I really liked this cookie. It was perfectly salty and sweet and I truly love me some cornbread. If you didn’t get this one, that was a miss on your part. Of course Mr. Yunt didn’t like it but he has bad taste!

Finally, in first, Strawberry Crumb Cake (far left). This was a buttery strawberry cookie topped with a strawberry vanilla streusel and a sweet milky glaze. This was a new cookie! Does it look like throw up? Yes! Was it damn good? YES! I wasn’t excited to try this cookie. I thought it looked fowl, nasty, and hideous, except this cookie was really good. Of course Mr. Yunt had high hopes for the ugliest cookie and I especially thought it would be bad, but it was amazing! Wow if you missed this cookie, you missed one of the greats.

So that concludes our first week back from break. Crumbl has been giving us some amazing strawberry cookies and bad peanut butter ones. Keep tuning in because what’s coming up next is a good one. Thanks for reading and make sure to check back soon for your favorite story of the week!